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Welcome to Pagan Pro Financial Courses!

These courses are here to provide you with extra guidance in your business journey. We have each course categorized to satisfy the specific level you're currently in to ensure business growth. 


You have been working from home, creating and selling online or in person, and now you're ready to grow further. Pagan Pro Financial can guide you with the proper tools to move your business forward.

  • Introduction to financial software and accounting programs

  • Strategizing your marketing and branding 

  • Business planning



Take your business to the next level. Whether your looking to register your business, open a new location, getting certified or licensing, diversifying or ecommerce, Pagan Pro Financial can guide you to take the right steps towards your business success.

  • Operation location

  • Legal business structure

  • Business strategies

  • Utilizing an online presence

Let's Work Together!

I can't wait to

help you succeed

in your business!

-Keila Pagan

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